My OSTP Blog Comments on Changing the PRA

| June 18, 2009

I have just now started contributing to Phase II of the Open Government Directive. CrisisCamp pretty much took up all of my spare time, but I’m going to try making up for it in the next few days. Here’s my comments I just made on fixing the Paperwork Reduction Act. The movement toward two-way, participatory […]

Gov2.0 Privacy Issues for PrivacyCampDC

| June 16, 2009

EDIT: This has also been Reposted on the PrivacyCampDC Blog In looking toward participating in PrivacyCampDC this Saturday, there are a number of privacy issues I’m concerned about regarding the movement toward open government.  While I am totally in favor of transforming government through transparency, participation and collaboration, I think it puts privacy at greater […]